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Stelos Superstar: Meghan Bates

27 Nov


Meghan Bates

If you run into Meghan Bates anywhere, you’re bound to receive a wave, a huge smile, and an accompanying hug from this spunky young woman..

Meghan was eager to learn each Housley session – she wasn’t afraid to question herself and her motivations, and she was able to grow because of it. Meghan was always willing to share how the program was shaping the goals she created for herself.

Throughout the program Meghan focused on honing in on her passions, and was able to create a clearer picture of her future. Following graduation, Meghan plans to become a public relations specialist or communications director specializing in branding and promotions.

Because of her dedication, Meghan was selected as one of four Housley Principled Leader Scholarship recipients. When we called Meghan’s name for her award, she stood up and humbly accepted the scholarship. She gave each of the program’s facilitators a tearful hug of gratitude, and expressed how much it meant to her to have others believe in her. Meghan said, “This scholarship helps secure my place as a Texas State Bobcat for another year! As Bill gave his last lecture to the group, I was completely overwhelmed with gratitude – and maybe a tear or two. It’s one thing when you believe in your own dreams, but it’s humbling when others see your dreams and invest in them, too.”

We are certainly glad we were able to invest in Meghan’s dreams and can’t wait to see what she does as a member of the Stelos family. It was a pleasure having Meghan in the Housley program. She is a Stelos superstar.


Tyler Confrey-Malony NCSU Kalypso Wolfpack Innovators Scholarship Recipient

13 Oct


In 2011, a group of North Carolina State University alums at the innovation consulting firm, Kalypso, decided to turn their shared interests into an opportunity to award scholarships to NC State students who exemplify Kalypso’s values and passion for innovation.

This year, the tradition continues with the recognition of Tyler Confrey-Malony.

Tyler is a junior Materials Science and Engineering major at NC State currently researching programmable DNA self-assembly techniques for novel applications in nano-electronics and nano-medicine. But luckily for us, Tyler took some time away from being a super scientist to share about himself and what this scholarship means to him.

The Kalypso Wolfpack Innovation Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for college students to expand their horizons,” said Tyler. “Personally, this scholarship will provide the funding I needed to continue my research on biopolymers and their application to medicine and microelectronics. I am honored to receive this recognition, and I am excited about the upcoming year!”

When we asked Tyler what animal he would like to come back as if he died he answered a humpback whale: “…you get to be one of the largest creatures on the planet and eat for 22 hours a day? Sounds like a plan to me!”

We hope that Tyler continues to bring the playful spirit into everything he does and wish him the best of luck on the rest of his year.

Congratulations again, Tyler!

Nathan McDaniel – Student Foundation Scholar

28 Jun



Nathan McDaniel was one of this year’s Student Foundation Scholarship recipients.  Nathan was a member of Student Foundation for three years and served as the Director of Foundations of Excellence.

It would be easy to say that Nathan was an involved student, but that would be an understatement. During his time at Texas State, Nathan served as president of the Texas State Associated Student Government and president of his fraternity Pi Kappa Phi.

Nathan was involved with Stelos Alliance for three years and continually strived to help spread the mission of the organization.  Nathan took part in the inaugural class of the Housley Principled Leadership Program and was a recipient of a Student Foundation Scholarship in 2012.

When asked about his favorite leadership moment, Nathan talks about his experience campaigning for Student Body President.

“The final three months of planning, campaigning, and winning the election for student body president was truly a memorable time,” said Nathan.“Putting together a team, motivating them to work hard, sharing a vision, speaking to numerous students, and finally winning, was a wonderful feeling.”

Nathan graduated in May with a degree in Political Science. He plans to continue his education by attending law school in the near future. Currently, Nathan is interning for Texas representative Donna Campbell.

Nathan is a lifetime member of the Stelos family and a Stelos Megastar.

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