Stelos Superstar: Thibault Gehin

17 Dec


Thibault Gehin had a story to share every week during the fall 2014 Housley Principled Leadership Program at Texas State University.

Coming all the way from France, Thibault was always willing to share personal experiences that connected with the content and was eager to share his application of the newly-learned theories each week.

Thibault is an expert at creating genuine relationships and he focused on being positive and approaching his growth as a learning experience. Every session he would ask his fellow classmates: “How was your week?” – and if something negative was said, he answered with: “Well, what did you learn from it?” Thibault loved being in a room with people who had the same drive as him because it challenged him to be better. He valued the community his group built over the semester and said “We are a tribe, when you are part of a tribe you have got to stick together”.

Because of his participation and enthusiasm, Thibault was selected as one of four scholarship recipients from the class. Thibault expressed his gratefulness for the scholarship and said it would help him pay bills through the end of the semester.

We appreciated every moment in class with Thibault and can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next. Bonne chance, Thibault!


Becoming a Better Version of Myself: A reflection on Housley

3 Dec

Growing up, I was outgoing in certain situations and painfully shy in others. I lacked confidence and never envisioned myself as a leader. I thought a leader was a specific type of person: controlling, loud, and forceful. I could never be that. So, at times I was scared to voice my opinion and would step back because I was afraid of failing.

Going to college, I become more myself and liked the person I was becoming. I found that with confidence came success. I look back now and think about all of the activities and organizations I could have been a part of if I hadn’t been scared.

I now understand that there are different types of leaders. For me, being a leader is not about commanding, but showing others it can be done. I feel my leadership style is about relating to others, shedding light on the potential I see in them and helping them bring it out. As an officer for University Ambassadors, I feel myself learning so much and growing each semester. Working with the other members and helping them grow as leaders has been an experience I cherish.

One of my favorite discussions in the Housley Principled Leadership Program this semester covered the type of people you surround yourself with: “You become the average of the people you surround yourself with.” Finding people who are successful in the way you want to be successful helps you become a better version of yourself. This idea is one of my biggest takeaways from my time during Housley, and I’m very grateful for the experience.

Applications for the Spring 2015 Housley Class are due Dec. 7th at midnight. Apply here! .




Spring, Texas native Brittany Green is majoring in Mass Communication and Spanish at Texas State University. Brittany is a recent alumna of Housley and recipient of the $1,500 Kevin Housley Principled Leadership Scholarship. 

Submissions Open: Stelos Alliance’s Artist in Residence Contest

11 Nov

10321101_10152117378371242_6777688852814039502_oKameron Fehrmann graduated from Texas State University in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design. As a student, she was the recipient of the Bill Hogue Memorial Scholarship and the inaugural Stelos Alliance Artist in Residence and designer of last year’s donor gift. The Tomball, Texas native says she would not be where she is today were it not for the influence of the Stelos Alliance.

We sat down with Kameron to talk about her experience with our organization and glean a little advice for those who plan to submit a design for our Artist in Residence contest.

Q: Talk about your relationship with the Stelos Alliance.

A:  I was originally a member of Student Foundation and Reagan Pugh spoke at our fall retreat; this inspired me to apply for the spring 2013 Housley Principled Leadership Program. I was later offered a position as a Stelos Fellow in September 2013 and then went on to win the Bill Hogue $10,000 scholarship in April 2014.

Q: As last year’s Artist in Residence, what inspired your submission for the donor gift?

A:  Last year was a life changing year for me; I was given many opportunities to grow in various ways. I had the chance to work as a Fellow for the Stelos Alliance, I was Executive Vice President for Student Foundation, and I was a Co-Chair for Paws Preview. All of these roles were very important to me and I could not have achieved this growth without Stelos’ influence and the learning I experienced through the Housley Principled Leadership Program.

So, as I designed the poster, I thought of the people who make up the Stelos Alliance and how they empower students. – they encourage and develop young leaders so they can reach their full potential. The Stelos Alliance raises you up and allows you to achieve opportunities you may have never had before. This concept is what led me to design the hand which represents Stelos raising us up.

Q: What advice would you give to people who are submitting a piece of art to the Artist in Residence program?

A: Think about the people who have influenced you to become a better person – who demonstrate what it means to live an extraordinary life. Work from there. Also, make sure to always include something that represents you in the design you submit.

Stelos Christmas Poster copy

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