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Stelos Superstar: Adam Odomore

27 Jun


Thomas Dugan Raffen was an exceptional student leader and friend to many at Texas State University. His had a strong work ethic, high integrity and deep dedication to the campus and its values. In a tragic turn of events, Tommy was killed in a car accident in May of 1991. To honor his memory and continue his legacy, the Tommy Raffen Memorial Scholarship was created in 2008 to recognize a Texas State student who exhibits the optimistic enthusiasm, integrity, and pride in the university that exemplified Tommy’s college life.

Adam Odomore, the 2014 recipient of the award perfectly represents the best of Tommy’s characteristics. Adam Odomore shows class in all areas of his life – from his clothes to his attitude. He is the type of guy who will give a smile to any stranger and mean it. Hailing from Nigeria, a place Odomore says has a deep sense community, Adam has developed the type of character that’s truly one of a kind.

Adam believes in leading through serving and says his love for people has grown his passion for service. His ultimate goal is to establish a college scholarship fund for women in Africa, because he believes in what he calls “the girl effect” – if you can educate the women, you educate the whole village.

Adam is a Stelos Superstar and we are proud to honor him as our 2014 Tommy Raffen Memorial Scholarship recipient.




Stelos Superstar: Thibault Pavret de La Rochefordière

17 Jun


Thibault Pavret de La Rochefordière hails all the way from Bordeaux, France and is currently enrolled in the Masters of Global Innovation Management (MGIM) program. His interest in starting new businesses began as he was receiving his Bachelors in Marketing. Afterward, he chose to apply for the MGIM program because of its top-notch innovation management curriculum. Along the way, he became passionate about discovering leading applications of new technologies.

It is our honor to commend Thibault Pauret De La Rochefordiere on being a 2014 recipient of a Kalypso MGIM Innovators Scholarship.

Being an International student, Thibault has been able to grow his professional network in France, the UK and now in the US and he says he’s ready to leverage the power of his global relationships.

Thibaults says his interest in innovation matches closely with Kalypso’s mission and values and he’s very thankful for Kalypso’s help in financing his studies:

“Thank you Sean, Kalypso and Stelos for awarding me this scholarship! You can be sure I will stick to the values we share.”

Congratulations again Thibault! Vous êtes incroyable!

Distinguished Young Bobcat Award

5 Feb

In August I officially graduated from the best university in Texas – Texas State University.

I was fortunate during my time at Texas State to have participated in the Stelos Alliance’s Housley Principled Leadership Program. I discovered a tremendous amount about myself, and those lessons put me on the path to becoming the young man I am today.

In the closing session we discussed the debt that we owe; that we all should pay it forward and give back to society immediately, not just when we’re older and have resources.

I’m excited to say, that two years after going through the Housley program, I am getting the chance to begin paying back my debt.

In collaboration with one of my close friends and fellow Texas State alum, Maggie Worthington, I’m excited to announce the establishment of a new statewide scholarship award called The Distinguished Young Bobcat Award.

This $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a graduating high school senior who has demonstrated success in both academics and extracurricular activities.

Maggie describes the Distinguished Young Bobcat Award this way:

“This award represents so much more than just standing out in the crowd; it represents ultimate dedication to academics as well as determination to be involved on campus. This award goes to someone who consistently goes out of their way and expects nothing in return.”

We’re seeking confident, determined and well-presented future Bobcats; we believe it is this kind of student who will carry on the legacy of Texas State University. We are excited to present the scholarship this April at the Stelos Alliance Awards Banquet in San Marcos.

Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

This is our way of paying our debt and honoring our beloved alma mater. If you would like to contribute to this scholarship, please click here. To learn more about the requirements and to find an application, click here.

It’s a great day to be a Bobcat!


Andrew Henley is a935892_623275317693372_2145703198_n 2013 graduate of Texas State University, where he received his Bachelor of Public Administration. He currently works as the Marketing Coordinator for Commercial Wireless Solutions – a telecommunication company based in Houston. Andrew is a long time member of the Stelos Alliance family, as he is a Housley alum, a former Stelos Fellow and a past scholarship recipient. Andrew is actively “coming alive” through his job, volunteer work, this Distinguished Young Bobcat Award or his personal blog – My Freshman Year of Life. This native Houstonian is a proud Texan, but an even prouder Texas State Bobcat.

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