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HPLP – Session 5 Dispatch

6 Mar

Last Friday centered around trust. As leaders, how do we establish trust within our organizations? What are the building blocks of a trusting relationship? Can there be different profiles and types of trust?

We also talked about making sure that the roles individuals play in our organizations are the right ones – like Jim Collins talks about, are the right people in the right seats on the right bus?

Our conclusions for the day: the most effective leaders are adaptable. They can manage different profiles of trust, different levels of competency and different personality types. The best leaders are situational leaders.

Take a look at what Vanessa and Alison had to say about the session.


HPLP – Session 4 Dispatch

28 Feb

Session Four pushed our students to take some of the self-awareness and discipline they are acquiring and put it to work discovering solutions for their organizations. A lot of times, it all comes down to finding ways to cater to each organization member’s story, strengths and skill-sets.

Take a look at what our students are doing to lead their peers and improve their campus:

HPLP – Session Three Dispatch

13 Feb

Session Three last Friday focused on how we can use the habits we learned from Session Two and the Self Awareness we acquired from Session One to recognize our strengths and work toward developing a personal brand.

We also covered the importance of quality relationships, how to effectively and genuinely foster a meaningful network, the importance of having a mentor and the necessity of practice, practice, practice (thanks to Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule material).

Check out the HPLP Dispatch below to hear what some of the students thought and take a look at Bill Poston’s perspective on the importance of developing a You, Inc.

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