I succeed because I fail

21 Jan

Taking an opportunity and starting something new is always a risk. Venturing into something unknown can possess threats but also opportunities for growth. Many times, when presented with a new possibility, we turn it down because we are afraid of failure. I believe this is the number one reason why risks are not taken and people stay in their comfort zone. When something fails we normally say things like, “I can’t do it” or, “this isn’t my thing”. It is very clear to see that limits are in our minds.

Most of us give up after losing our first battle because we are not content with the feeling of failure and disappointment, but have you stopped to think how losing is actually winning?

Not succeeding enables you to learn and grow even more than if you had originally achieved your goal. When a failure comes our way, it is an opportunity to figure out what we did not do right and do it better next time. A great way to learn and grow is to approach others with expertise and ask for advice. Many times we are afraid of admitting our unfamiliarity with the task at hand and do not ask others for advice out of fear. Do not let this limit you! To be able to learn, we need to be humble enough to admit our unfamiliarity with the things we are trying to achieve. Ask around! Get closer to people who are familiar and have expertise in whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. To be able to win, you need to lose – therefore it is never a loss.

Mistakes, failures, and unexpected results, are key to learning and progressing. We need to learn to love and accept our mistakes. Failing at a task is not losing – sometimes we win and we always learn.

AcuñMariaHCa, Mexico native, Maria J. Holguin, is a Senior pursuing a degree in Communication Studies at Texas State University. In her years at Texas State, she has participated in several different organizations such University Ambassadors, Lambda Pi Eta and Bobcat Preview. She is an alumna of the Fall of 2014 Housley Principled Leadership Program which has helped her pursue what makes her come alive.


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