Stelos Superstar: Thibault Gehin

17 Dec


Thibault Gehin had a story to share every week during the fall 2014 Housley Principled Leadership Program at Texas State University.

Coming all the way from France, Thibault was always willing to share personal experiences that connected with the content and was eager to share his application of the newly-learned theories each week.

Thibault is an expert at creating genuine relationships and he focused on being positive and approaching his growth as a learning experience. Every session he would ask his fellow classmates: “How was your week?” – and if something negative was said, he answered with: “Well, what did you learn from it?” Thibault loved being in a room with people who had the same drive as him because it challenged him to be better. He valued the community his group built over the semester and said “We are a tribe, when you are part of a tribe you have got to stick together”.

Because of his participation and enthusiasm, Thibault was selected as one of four scholarship recipients from the class. Thibault expressed his gratefulness for the scholarship and said it would help him pay bills through the end of the semester.

We appreciated every moment in class with Thibault and can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next. Bonne chance, Thibault!


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