Stelos Superstar: Jackson Belcher

1 Jul

Jackson Belcher 2

Dr. John Garrison’s 33 years of service as Texas State University’s Dean of Students left a legacy of progress, mentorship, and leadership. It is our honor to present the 2014 John Garrison Leadership Award to a young man who demonstrates the highest levels of honor, leadership, sacrifice and courage in the support of Texas State: Mr. Jackson Belcher.

While pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Jackson has served as both a Senator and Pride, Tailgate, & Traditions Chair in the Associated Student Government and as Vice President of the McCoy College Ambassadors.

Jackson credits the Stelos Alliance’s Housley Principled Leadership Program for making him the leader he is today and says the experience was life-changing. He says he gained awareness about spreading himself too thin and learned to focus on what made him come alive.

Jackson is especially thankful for this scholarship because his father pays for he and his sister’s educational expenses out of pocket.

“He refuses to put us in debt through student loans, so he spends his entire income putting us through school. I hoped that this scholarship could ease some of the burden,” Belcher says.

Jackson is proud to call Dr. Garrison a leader, a mentor, and a friend. In fact, the two attend the same church.

“I respect the kind of man he is and what all he has accomplished in his life. He is a man I look up to and call if I needed advice in a tough situation.”

An extremely motivated go-getter like Jackson Belcher never settles for less; he says his ultimate dream is to become President of the United States – he’s got our vote. Congratulations Jackson!


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