Stelos Superstar: Thibault Pavret de La Rochefordière

17 Jun


Thibault Pavret de La Rochefordière hails all the way from Bordeaux, France and is currently enrolled in the Masters of Global Innovation Management (MGIM) program. His interest in starting new businesses began as he was receiving his Bachelors in Marketing. Afterward, he chose to apply for the MGIM program because of its top-notch innovation management curriculum. Along the way, he became passionate about discovering leading applications of new technologies.

It is our honor to commend Thibault Pauret De La Rochefordiere on being a 2014 recipient of a Kalypso MGIM Innovators Scholarship.

Being an International student, Thibault has been able to grow his professional network in France, the UK and now in the US and he says he’s ready to leverage the power of his global relationships.

Thibaults says his interest in innovation matches closely with Kalypso’s mission and values and he’s very thankful for Kalypso’s help in financing his studies:

“Thank you Sean, Kalypso and Stelos for awarding me this scholarship! You can be sure I will stick to the values we share.”

Congratulations again Thibault! Vous êtes incroyable!


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