Stelos Superstar: Tannya Benavides

14 May

Tannya Benavides was born a leader – literally. Hailing from Laredo, Texas she’s the oldest of nine and has practiced guiding her siblings since she was young. Tannya is not only a leader at home, but also at Texas State; majoring in Political Science, she is actively involved with University Ambassadors, PAWS Preview, and Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science National Honor Society.

Tannya says that Housley truly made a difference in her life and that she enjoyed sitting in class at the end of the week and listening to students who shared the same drive for action and change as she does. Tannya’s Aengagement and willingness to ask questions made her a perfect candidate for a 2014 Housley Principled Leadership Scholarship.

“What makes me come alive is action: I appreciate a willingness to step up to the plate and get the job done. It’s an attribute I admire in others and one I strive to exhibit in my own life.”

Congratulations Tannya, we have been greatly influenced by you and wish you ongoing success in everything you do!


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