Getting Over, Overcommitting

16 Apr


Last March, I was offered a position as the social media intern for a interesting new startup in San Francisco. It was a remote job where I could work from home and it paid so I was 100% ready for the opportunity. Soon April came around, and a fantastic company in Austin offered me a paid marketing internship for the summer. Although my startup social media internship was pretty rigorous, the broke college kid in me couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do two awesome jobs and be compensated for both. So, though all of a sudden I had enough money to stop buying Ramen, I soon became entirely over-worked, over-stressed and over-stretched It began affecting my performance in both internships and my work ethic took a turn for the worst. I fought it out until the end of the summer, but it was definitely one of the toughest times in my career so far.

Overcommitting can lead to burning out. Simple as that! It over stresses your mind, your body, and your spirit. If you’re looking for a way to whittle down your commitments, try this simple activity that helps me decide when I should commit and when I should just say “no”.

  1. Write down every single obligation you have (i.e. work, school, organizations, clubs, activities, etc.).
  2. Next, numerically number each obligation in terms of importance to your life. For example, in my life, school always comes first. It’s what I’m here for!
  3. Think long and hard about the activities you have at the bottom of your list. Are they beneficial to your growth, or well-being? Are they going to matter in five years time? Are they stressing you out to the point of exasperation?
  4. After doing this little assessment, decide what to continue doing and what to drop.

Remember, it’s better to be excellent at a few things than mediocre at lots of things. Like we talk about in the Housley Principled Leadership Program – to be extraordinary, you’re always going to be saying no to something.



Gregory Tate is a Junior from Indianapolis, Indiana. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with a focus in Electronic Media. Greg is very involved on campus serving as a Co-Chair in Paws Preview, the Vice President of Admissions for University Ambassadors, and as the Social Media manager of the LBJ Student Center. He absolutely loves to serve his community and find different ways to grow. He’s a proud military brat who strongly believes home is where the heart is; and his heart is and always will be at Texas State.


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