Leave Your Ego at The Door

9 Apr

Have you ever been at a get-together full of people who insist on giving you an elevator speech the size of the Empire State Building? People who talk themselves up almost to the point of sainthood and no matter how legitimate and impressive their achievements are, you’re entirely too distracted by their huge ego to even fully connect on a good level? It’s exhausting – but it’s also easy to fall into. Especially if you’re good.

Don’t be that person. Ever.

Always remember that aside from your mother, no one is truly going to appreciate your achievements if you don’t handle them with a grain of humility and grace.

And also remember that there’s always someone who is better (and more modest) than you.

When in doubt, modesty is always the best policy.

  • Say thank you when people compliment you and really mean it.
  • If you win in any facet in life, enjoy the win, but don’t rub the win in anyone’s face. Especially in the face of whoever lost.
  • Keep those elevator speeches to three solid points about yourself and wait until you get that job interview to really sell yourself home
  • Always remember, you don’t have to blow out anybody else’s candle to make yours shine brighter.

Wouldn’t you rather be so good that others can’t ignore you instead of talking about how good you are, causing everyone to want to ignore you?


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