Guest Post: The Housley Experience

30 Jan


The Housley Principled Leadership Program at Texas State University is held on Friday. It is four hours long. There are no grades and no attendance policy.

You get no university credit for completing the course.

So why would any common college student choose to participate and not miss a single session throughout the entire semester?

Well the answer is, common college students wouldn’t.

I have been privileged enough to be involved with many leadership development programs and events around the United States and abroad. I will take almost every opportunity to develop my own leadership and was thankful to be accepted into the Housley Program last fall.

What I valued most about Housely is that it connects you with other students that aren’t afraid to think big, get creative, and share their opinions. The Housely sessions not only teach invaluable lessons in leadership, but encourage everyone to develop their own ideas and dig deeper. Simply being around a positive group of open-minded people arouses a collective need to achieve more. Pair those high caliber students with the Housely instructors and their amazing team, and you’ll realize why no one wants to miss a session.

Each semester, the Housley Tribe is driven to think bigger and engage in the hard work of developing themselves. Participants will see more and more growth each week and will emerge from the program as new, more self aware individuals.

Best of luck to this spring 2014 Housley tribe starting this Friday at Texas State University!


223227_10151053523026770_383758835_n[1]Dean Thomas was raised in Aransas Pass, TX and moved to San Marcos to attend Texas State. He will graduate in May 2014 with a degree in Business Management. While at Texas State he has been involved in multiple student organizations and taken a leadership role in Epsilon Nu Tau, a professional entrepreneurship organization. Dean started his own business in April 2013 designing and selling apparel branded for Texas State students. After graduation Dean plans to travel South America for a few months before taking a position with EDventure International, a volunteer organizations that allows participants an opportunity for social, cultural, and personal growth whilst engaging in a rewarding volunteer project abroad.


One Response to “Guest Post: The Housley Experience”

  1. Kim January 31, 2014 at 11:21 am #

    Sounds like a fantastic program. So happy to see this offered at Texas State! Good luck!

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