Stelos Superstar: Christian Carlson

11 Dec

1424391_10151783295701242_934630195_nWhen asked about his biggest takeaway from the fall 2013 Housley Principled Leadership Program at Texas State University, Christian Carlson said it was, “the realization that your leadership is not based on the position you hold in any organization, but how you assist others to achieve their goals.”

This semester, Christian began a journey of self-awareness; he was able to hone in on his strengths to identify what makes him truly come alive. During each class, Christian spent valuable time building relationships with others in the course, saying he was glad to have had the opportunity both grow as an individual and build a network with leaders who shared his same drive and passion.

After graduation, Christian intends to go to graduate school and study public affairs. He would like to pursue a career working in politics creating positive change in his community and to those around him.

Because of Christian’s dedication to the Housley course and, more importantly, to his own growth, we were honored to award him with a $500 Housley Principled Leader Scholarship.

Christian in an inspiring young leader and a Stelos Superstar.


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