Stelos Superstar: Rachel Wilson

4 Dec


At the close of each Housley course, we have the opportunity to award four scholarships. The highest distinction is a $1,500 award named the Kevin Housley Principled Leadership Award.

With a hop, skip and a smile, Rachel Wilson entered the classroom each Friday. She digested the material, asked hard questions and helped drive conversation – we were proud to name Rachel as this semester’s recipient of the Kevin Housley Principled Leadership Award.

When asked about the impact of the program’s teachings, Rachel said, “The most important take away from Housley for me is to do what makes you come alive. I’m a strong believer in doing what you are passionate about – if you follow your passions, the money, success, and happiness will follow.”

She added, “being able to know yourself and analyze what you are doing and why, is the greatest skill one can have.”

Rachel entered the Housley program as a cheerful young woman with a passion for the environment.  She was able to gain perspective that has helped her more deeply understand her existing interests and hone in a little more on how to spend the rest of her life doing what she loves. After graduation, Rachel wants to lead conservation efforts around the world. She is getting a jumpstart on this dream by using the money from her scholarship to her pay for an internship in Costa Rica this summer doing environmental conservation work.

Our mission is to help extraordinary students reach their potential. It is students like Rachel who help us reach our potential – we believe when students are empowered to do what makes them come alive, they change the world.  We are proud to add Rachel to the Stelos family!


2 Responses to “Stelos Superstar: Rachel Wilson”

  1. Carla Castillo December 7, 2013 at 10:04 pm #

    I am honored to know Rachel Wilson and yes she is an extraordinary young woman. I love her passion for life and what she believes in. She will go a long way and I know she is headed for great success in her future. She deserves everything that comes her way in life. Congratulations Rachel. I am very proud of you!!!
    Carla Castillo

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