Stelos Superstar: Aleecia Head

20 Nov


At the conclusion of the Housley Principled Leadership Program each semester, we have the opportunity to award several scholarships to students who complete the program with excellence.

Prior to Housley, Aleecia Head spent valuable time trying to please other people with her choices in life. It was in session two during our talk about strengths and weaknesses that Aleecia says she was first honest with herself about what she really wanted. She said it was a difficult topic to wrestle with and that, “tears may or may not have been shed, but it was totally worth it.”

For Aleecia, identifying what makes her come alive was just one area of her development. She continued to ask the hard questions, and push herself to find the answers. By the end of the course, she was confident enough to ask for an internship she wanted – and got it! In choosing to be honest about what she really wanted, Aleecia was able to understand her motivations and be confident in her abilities.

It is obvious that Aleecia is dedicated to living a life of meaning – we are proud of everything she has accomplished and look forward to seeing what challenge this Stelos Superstar will tackle next!


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