Everyday Leadership

30 Sep

Leadership doesn’t require you to have some grand purpose.

It doesn’t require you to be a CEO or a world leader. Leadership only requires you to use your strengths to contribute something to the world, even if it that contribution is small. In the video below, Drew Dudley demonstrates how small acts of kindness can make you a leader. Drew does something simple – yet extremely impactful. The fact that it only affects one person doesn’t make it any less important.

While working with my peers at Texas State, I have noticed that people tend to believe leadership is something rare and hard to come by. I think this is unfortunate because it devalues things people can do every day to be a leader.

It makes the little things seem unimportant.

Yet, ironically, it appears that small, everyday acts of kindness can sometimes have the biggest impact on people’s lives.


Shelby Galvin

Shelby Galvin is a Senior Finance Major at Texas State University. Since her start at Texas State, Shelby has been involved in several student organizations on campus. These organizations, along with the Housley Principled Leadership Program, have helped her transform into a driven and passionate leader dedicated to helping others grow and develop their own leadership. Shelby has been part of the Stelos family for a little over a year, and is currently a Stelos Fellow.


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