Jamie Lahiere – Stelos Superstar

17 May


Earlier this spring we wrapped up the fourth offering of the Housely Principled Leadership Program. Each semester there is always one student who demonstrates their complete commitment to the program – this semester was no different. During each of our seven sessions, Jamie Lahiere was vocal about the things she was wrestling with and open to the ideas of others. She asked hard questions and worked to custom fit the principles of the program into her own life and leadership practices.

For these reasons and many more, we were proud to award Jamie with the Housley Principled Leadership Award – a $1,500 scholarship.

When asked which sessions were her favorite, Jamie had a hard time narrowing it down. She enjoyed the introspective aspects of each session – especially session six on living a life of meaning. “It (Housley) opened my eyes to what it means to live a life of meaning and inspired me to pursue a vision that will transform my ideals and passions into a life-long mission,” Lahiere said.

“It was a pleasure having Jamie participate in our program because she helped further the dialogue during each session. Her commitment and dedication to the principles we discuss is the best way to honor the program’s namesake and my dear friend, Kevin Housley. We are very excited to see what Jamie is able to accomplish in the next few years,” said Bill Poston, President of the Stelos Alliance and one of the program’s facilitators.

Upon receiving her scholarship, Jamie had this to say: “Being awarded the 2013 Housley Principled Leadership Award was a huge honor; I have never received a scholarship before. The award was really the icing on the cake of an incredible development experience.”

Jamie graduated from Texas State University this May with a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies. Her plans after graduation are to continue developing her leadership skills and learning from the people around her. Jamie plans on utilizing the money from her scholarship to either invest in a start-up or fund a trip.

Whatever she chooses, Jamie is going to leave her mark. We are proud to have Jamie join the Stelos family.


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