Danielle Bonanno – Stelos Superstar

8 May


This fall, the Texas Wesleyan School of Law will gain a highly driven young woman in Danielle Bonanno.

Danielle was introduced to the Stelos Alliance this spring when she participated in our Housley Principled Leadership Program where she received one of three Housley Principled Leadership scholarships.

In Housley, she was one of our most outspoken and enthusiastic students. “I loved all the sessions but my favorite was hearing the speakers share their personal stories. Oh, and of course, learning about the 90/10 rule!” Bonanno said. “It (Housley) made me more confident in the things I have done here at Texas State and helped me realize that I have become a leader I’m truly proud to be.”

We were proud to honor Danielle again at our Stelos Alliance Awards banquet with a Student Foundation Scholarship. These five scholarships are awarded to students with a dedication to service, loyalty, leadership and who have made significant contributions to the Texas State community. Bonanno served as Student Foundation’s Vice President of Finance, where she fully embodied the characteristics of the organization. Alongside Student Foundation, Danielle is a member of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority and a senator for the Associated Student Government. Danielle also served as the president of the Texas State Panhellenic Council – the group that oversees all sorority functions at the university.

Bonanno is excited to start the next chapter of her life as she moves on to law school. Following her graduation at Texas Wesleyan, Danielle would like work for a medium-sized law firm where the members are a close-knit family unit – or a tribe as we call it in Housley.

The Stelos Alliance is excited to watch Danielle continue to live a life of meaning, and continue to leave her thumbprint on the people around her – she is a Stelos Superstar.


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