Ryan Elliott – Stelos Superstar

29 Apr


On any given day in San Marcos, Texas you’re likely to see a young man riding his longboard down the hills of Texas State University’s campus. Ryan Elliott is not only an avid skateboarder, but a Californian, an honorary Texan, and a Housley Principled Leadership Scholar. 

Ryan took part in the spring 2013 Housley Principled Leadership Program and was selected to receive one of three scholarship awards because of his demonstrated commitment to his own personal development and to the themes explored throughout the course.

Housley made me analyze not only myself, but my actions and their effect on others around me. I feel as if I’ve developed greatly as a leader – a development I hope to share with others as I move forward with my future endeavors,” said Elliott about his experiences in Housley.

Bill Poston, the president of the Stelos Alliance, had this to say about Ryan, “Ryan was not afraid to buy into the themes that we cover in Housley, but he also wasn’t afraid to push back. Having students come alive during our program is the greatest way we honor our friend Kevin, and Ryan definitely came alive.”

Upon receiving his scholarship Ryan had this to say, “I don’t get much financial support, so being awarded this scholarship makes me very proud of the work I put into Housley.”

One of Elliot’s proudest moments involving his leadership was creating his own organization: the Extreme Sports Club. The organization has since been renamed to the Adventure Club, through which Elliot and his members foster a sense of community through various outdoor activities. “Creating something that bears fruit is one of life’s greatest rewards,” said Elliot.

Following graduation, Ryan plans to move to Austin, Texas and begin working in the non-profit sector. His long term goal is to create a non-profit that provides international microloans and microfinance opportunities for leaders in developing countries. Elliott would like to give people the chance to change their own lives for the better, and he wants to see it happen on a global scale.

It was a pleasure having Ryan Elliott in our Housley program, and we expect great things from him. He is a Stelos Superstar.


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