Bobcats for a Better Tomorrow

23 Apr
Photo taken by Carlos Valdez, Assitant Phot Editor- The University Star.

Photo taken by Carlos Valdez, Assistant Photo Editor- The University Star

A year ago we were proud to watch two alums of our Housley Principled Leadership Program elected as the Student Body President and Vice President of Texas State University: Nathan McDaniel and Alison Sibley.

One year later, we are again proud to see two Housley graduates inaugurated as Student Body President and Vice President; Vanessa Cortez and Edward Perez were sworn in last week as the new representatives of Texas State University’s 35,000 students.

Vanessa and Eddie ran with the slogan, “Bobcats for a Better Tomorrow” to signify their passion for the university and their goal to further improve Texas State. They took a strong stance during the campaign to begin a culture shift at the university – a shift that promotes pride, builds attendance at athletic events, and makes Texas State an even more desirable university.

“I am truly honored to be elected as the next student body president and I’m excited to serve the students as their voice to the administration,” said Cortez following her inauguration. “Housley made a large impact on my life and was the motivation I needed to run for this position. Housley not only helped me realize my potential but it continuously helps me fulfill my potential because it taught me the importance of taking initiative and being proactive. “

Just a few days after taking office, Cortez and Perez are already hard at work preparing for their term in office, from scheduling meetings with administrators to meeting with their newly elected senators. Edward Perez had this to say about his new responsibility: “I am very honored that the students at Texas State deemed me qualified to represent them. Running for office was a year long goal and I cannot wait to see what this upcoming year has in store for Vanessa and me. “

We are proud to see graduates of the Housley program continue to choose to accept the responsibilities of leadership; and we are proud to have Vanessa and Eddie as members of the Stelos family.





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