Johanna Haley: Making Stars Shine Brighter

16 Apr

2012 Xmas.girls.04


We’re excited for scholarship season! On April 28th, we’ll award almost $20,000 in scholarships to Texas State student leaders at our Stelos Alliance Awards Banquet. Our scholarship programs would not be possible without the generous support of the loyal members of the Stelos Alliance. We are fortunate to have individuals who connect with our mission and purpose – one of whom is Johanna Haley. For over 19 consecutive months Mrs. Haley has donated to the Stelos Alliance scholarship fund and has supported our mission of making stars shine brighter.

In 2007, while serving as the Texas State Alumni Association President-elect, Johanna Haley was introduced to Bill Poston and Melinda Keller while working on the annual Alumni Association Scholarship Gala. A few years later in 2010, Johanna learned about the Stelos Alliance and its focus on scholarships; it was this focus that drew Mrs. Haley to begin her monthly donations.

When asked why she donates to Stelos, Johanna replied, “I give because I can – because this is a worthy cause, because I believe in education and know that it’s not available to all without financial support. And because the Lord blessed me with a giving spirit!”

Johanna has a special connection to one of our scholarships: the Virginia Moore Chi Omega Scholarship. While attending Texas State (Or Southwest Texas as it was called back in the day), Johanna was an active member of the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Chi Omega. She recalls spending many nights with her sisters working on recruitment events in Virginia’s garage apartment; “She led by example, as a woman of strength, dignity and Southern charm,” said Johanna remembering her work with Virginia.

Mrs. Haley currently works at San Marcos High School, where she teaches professional communication and serves as the debate coach. Johanna’s dedication to education is evident through both her career and her generosity to Stelos. Johanna is a valued member of the Stelos family and evidence that the alliance is alive and well!


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