Kameron Fehrmann – Stelos Superstar

9 Apr





Just two weeks ago we wrapped up our fourth offering of the Housley Principled Leadership Program – a seven-week course that helps extraordinary young leaders reach their potential. This spring we had the pleasure of having Kameron Fehrmann in our class; from the beginning, her dedication to the program was evident.

“Having students like Kameron go through Housley is what makes the program successful. Her insights and contributions in each of our classes, is what set her apart from her classmates,” said Reagan Pugh, the programs facilitator.

The programs namesake, Kevin Housley, was a man who lived a life of meaning and served as a principled leader in his surrounding community. Kevin is remembered by many as “a shining example of involvement as a community leader, a husband, a father, and a son.” The program carries on Kevin’s legacy and the impact he had on the people he surrounded himself with. But another way we honor our dear friend is through the Housley Principled Leadership Scholarship, which is awarded to those students who “shine bright” throughout the semester.

Kameron was one who shined the brightest. “I actually have a plan for my life now and while I know things won’t always go the way I want them to, Housley has prepared me for that and I will be able to take whatever life throws at me. 90/10, right?” said Kameron about her takeaways from the program.

Kameron was awarded one of three $500 Housley Principled Leadership Scholarships. Upon being awarded her scholarship Kameron said, “Receiving this scholarship is such an honor and I was elated when I found out. This scholarship will help fund the study abroad trip I am attending this summer in Florence, Italy where I will be studying Renaissance art and design as well as the Italian aesthetic. “

Kameron is a member of the Stelos family, and a true believer in the Housley movement. She is a Stelos Superstar.


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