Karli Koerner – Stelos Superstar

3 Apr



Not many college students are awake on Friday mornings at 10:00 a.m. if they don’t have to be – and if they are, they’re most likely not enthusiastic and full of contagious energy.

Karli Koerner was.

Her radiant energy was noticeable from the moment she walked into the Housley Principled Leadership Program each session. Her excitement and dedication to her personal growth made her extremely deserving of the Housley Principled Leadership Award this past fall. This $1,500 award is given to only one Housley student each semester who exhibits full commitment to our program.

Our program and scholarships are both ways we honor our friend, Kevin Housley. Kevin was a man of the character who lived his life as a principled leader. He was heavily involved in his community, whether it was on the school board in Christoval or with St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. Kevin was a man who lived a life of meaning – but more importantly, he was someone who had come alive.

When asked which Housley session was her favorite, Karli responded, “My favorite session was the strengths session because I learned that my strengths aren’t exclusively things I’m good at – a strength also needs to make you come alive.”

Reagan Pugh, the facilitator of the Housley program said about Koerner: “Getting to meet such an enthusiastic student was truly rewarding, especially a student that we were able to see ‘come alive’ during the course of our program.”

Upon receiving the scholarship, Karli said, “This scholarship allowed me to lower my debt and remove some of the stresses caused by the financial burdens of school and living expenses.”

Karli is currently pursuing a degree in Communication Studies, and eventually would like to start a career where she will be able to utilize her strengths. In her words, “I plan for happiness!”

We are not only honored to have Karli as Housley Scholar, but also a part of the Stelos family as a Stelos Fellow this semester – she is a Stelos Superstar.


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