Adam Odomore – Stelos Superstar

27 Feb



Before moving to the great state of Texas, Adam Odomore lived in Benin City, Nigeria. We had the pleasure of having Adam as a student in our Housley Principled Leadership Program last fall, as well as presenting him with one of three Housley Principled Leadership Scholarships.

Adam’s commitment to our program is the best way to honor our dear friend, Kevin Housley. Kevin is the namesake of our program, and a way we remember the extraordinary life that he lived. He was the definition of a principled leader through his community and church involvement. Kevin was a loving husband, father and friend who touched the lives of all those he came in contact with. In our program we challenge our students to find what makes them “come alive” the way Kevin lived every day.

Adam was greatly impacted by our program’s focus on living a life of meaning and discovering our own definition of happiness; “Housley helped me to see things in a new light and that being rich does not equal happiness – it only means that you will have more stuff,” Odomore said. It is this takeaway and his many others that drove Adam’s engagement in the program and shaped his future goals.

Bill Poston, President of the Stelos Alliance, said this upon awarding Adam his scholarship: “It was a joy to have a student as engaged as Adam in our program each Friday. His passion for leadership and personal growth is what set him apart from his fellow classmates. He is sure to do great things while at Texas State and even greater things beyond San Marcos.”

When awarded the scholarship, Adam said, “This scholarship has helped me develop my leadership skills in a unique way and has helped me define my passion.”

Adam is pursuing a degree in International Relations, and aims to work for Shell Oil. He also plans to be involved in work that empowers women in developing countries by providing them with an education and an opportunity to live their dream.

We are proud to welcome Adam to the Stelos Alliance family – he is a Stelos Superstar.


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