Stelos Fellow – Andrea Hageman

29 Jan

Andrea Hageman_2-1

During my senior year of college, I thought a lot about graduation and was in constant fear of what my future had in store for me.  Adding to the pressure of graduating, I lacked an internship experience within the field of marketing, which left me with a very slim chance of securing a job with demonstrated skills on my resume.

After applying for several internships, and receiving zero responses, I realized that I should start utilizing the connections that I had through the organizations I was involved in. Soon after, I was fortunate to attend a sorority event where Melinda Keller, Vice President of Stelos Alliance, was speaking. During her speech she talked about a summer fellowship opportunity through the Stelos Fellows Program. Immediately after hearing about the fellowship, I contacted Melinda and she offered me a position to assist her with planning and marketing of the annual “Aloha Summer” Luau, a community fundraiser for Boerne, Texas non-profit organizations.

While completing my degree in marketing, I struggled to determine the area in which I wanted to specialize: sales, research, social media or traditional marketing – the list goes on. What made the opportunity with the Stelos Alliance especially interesting was that Melinda assured me I had the choice to gain experience in as many or as few of the marketing aspects as I desired. Naturally, I involved myself in as many of both the marketing and planning aspects of the event as possible. During those three months, I applied the knowledge I learned in college, worked outside my comfort zone and assumed new responsibilities. The fellowship required me to complete various tasks independently and work on a deadline. Most importantly, I worked for an inspiring organization, was supported by amazing people and made connections that will last a lifetime.

Stelos Alliance’s mission is to help extraordinary young leaders – this fellowship did exactly that. I now feel more confident about the direction I want to take my career and have the work experience to back it up.


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