We Share A Mission: Honoring Like-minded Businesses

28 Jan


The Stelos Alliance has the mission of empowering extraordinary young leaders to reach their potential through our 19 scholarships, our Housley Principled Leadership Program and our Stelos Fellows program.

Stelos believes in celebrating professionals who parallel our mission by providing post-graduate opportunities for dynamic young people who have demonstrated their leadership capabilities in college.

At our student scholarship banquet on April 28th, 2013, we will continue the tradition of honoring individuals and organizations who cultivate a workplace that empowers young leaders.

The deadline for nominations  is February 15, 2013.

Criteria for recognition is based on the metrics below. To be considered, an individual must be able to objectively demonstrate their involvement and influence in the opportunities made available to young leaders.

  • Scholarships offered to college students
  • Recruiting efforts at colleges and universities
  • Internship programs
  • Paid internship programs available
  • The percentage of interns who transition to full time
  • Quality of job training programs
  • Percentage of workforce under the age of 30
  • Promotions available to this demographic
  • Mentoring program in place for new employees
  • Company culture conducive to the growth of young people
  • Philanthropic work geared toward the empowerment of young people
  • Professional/personal development opportunities made available to young employees and new hires

The Award Ceremony will honor up to 5 individuals/organizations with the following:

  • Engraved plaque
  • Detailed profile of their company and current endeavors on a rolling slideshow
  • The opportunity to speak at the Housley Principled Leadership Institute
  • The opportunity to meet the high-caliber recipients of the 2012 Stelos Alliance scholarships and promote their company to students entering the workforce

The nomination form can be found on the Stelos Alliance website by following this link, http://stelos.org/support/awards/


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