25 Jan

Stelos Blog

One of the most rewarding moments of a movement is when ownership transitions from a few individuals to the entire group.

This means a shared ethos developed by the people, not the leaders.

And when you’ve got something really great, there’s even a shared language – words that mean something special to your gathering of folks.

Our leadership course for students at Texas State University was originally named the Housley Principled Leadership Institute after our dear friend Kevin Housley. Then we called it the Housley Principled Leadership Program which we branded HPLP. 

Students, however, began referring to their moments of growth on Friday mornings as: Housley.

We started hearing things like:

I owe a lot to Housley

Housley was so cold!

See you at Housley?

Housley blew my mind today

So it stuck.

We’re amazed to sit back and watch group after group of amazing students come in the…

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