Chris Gardner – Stelos Superstar

17 Jan

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In 2011, a group of North Carolina State University alums at the innovation consulting firm, Kalypso, decided to turn their shared interests into an opportunity to award scholarships to NC State students who exemplified Kalypso’s values and passion for innovation.

Their initiative began with four undergraduate scholarships awarded in the fall of 2012 called the Kalypso Wolfpack Innovators Scholarship and recently expanded to a scholarship offering for students enrolled in the Master of Global Innovation Management (MGIM) program.  

Chris Gardner, a student in the MGIM program from Charlotte, North Carolina, was awarded the inaugural $2,000 Kalypso MGIM Innovators Scholarship. Chris, who received his undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering, chose to pursue an MGIM degree because he wanted to challenge himself to learn how to innovate outside of the laboratory in the world of business.

Upon receiving the award, Chris said, “As the 2012 recipient of the Kalypso MGIM Innovators Scholarship, I look forward to taking some of the weight of student loans off my back.  I’m also excited to build a relationship with the “characters” at Kalypso and learn a new perspective on innovation.”

Sean Klein, consultant at Kalypso and graduate of the MGIM program organized the scholarship and says of the initiative: “I feel my work at Kalypso benefited greatly from the global perspective on innovation and management I received from the MGIM program. We’re excited to begin a conversation with Chris as he completes the program and begins looking for post-graduate opportunities.”

When asked what natural gift Chris would like to possess he stated that he would want, “The ability to selectively remember any event from my past. I’d be too scared to have a perfect memory, because I’d spend too much time trying to forget all of my embarrassing childhood goof ups, but wouldn’t it be great to remember every detail of every book you’ve ever read? There’s simply too much for us to learn out there, and it’s all too easy to forget.”

Chris Gardner is a character with character and a true Stelos Superstar.


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