Juhi Fernandes – Stelos Superstar

11 Dec

Fernandez Serious

Juhi Fernandes, Chemical Engineering junior from Arlington, Virginia received one of the inaugural 2012 Kalypso Wolfpack Innovators Scholarships at North Carolina State University from Kalypso and the Stelos Alliance.

The Wolfpack Scholarship is awarded to undergraduates in the engineering program at North Carolina State University for their excellence in innovation and academics.

Emily Adams, senior manager at Kalypso and NC State alumna said of the scholarship recipients, “We were proud to have 14 applicants for the inaugural offering of the Wolfpack Innovators Scholarship. Juhi showed us that she is not afraid to break the mold and see things differently. We’re excited to continue to offer this award to promising members of the NC State Wolfpack like them.”

Juhi is one of four outstanding students who received a $2,000 award for their authentic and innovative approach to problem solving, work ethic and demonstrated understanding of Kalypso, its service offerings and its culture.

Upon receiving the award, Juhi stated that, “This scholarship eases the financial burden of college and allows me to focus on the important things. Along with that, it is a great morale booster to be recognized for all the hard work I’ve done in the past. This recognition will motivate me to keep up the good work.”

“We value our relationships with the students and faculty at North Carolina State University,” said Bill Poston, managing partner of Kalypso and founder of the Stelos Alliance, “and we look forward to staying in touch with these extraordinary young people as they navigate the rest of their college careers and begin looking at post-graduate opportunities.”

When asked what natural gift Juhi wishes she possessed she stated that, “I’m really impressed by the ability to raise a single eyebrow. My awkward attempts are really terrible and slightly creepy.” Although she might not be able to raise an eyebrow, she is causing others to raise theirs by her dedication to her academics and her excellence in innovation. She is a true Stelos Superstar.


You can see all of the scholarships offered by the Stelos Alliance by following this link. 


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