Ngan Nguyen – Stelos Superstar

4 Dec

Ngan Nguyen Serious


In September, Ngan Nguyen, a Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering senior from Greensboro, North Carolina, received one of the inaugural 2012 Kalypso Wolfpack Innovators Scholarships at North Carolina State University from Kalypso and the Stelos Alliance.

Ngan was one of fourteen individuals to apply for the scholarship, which is awarded to undergraduates in the engineering program for their excellence in innovation and academics.

 “Having an additional $2,000 in funds will give me the security of knowing I can afford another semester of rent,” said Ngan upon receiving his scholarship award.

Emily Adams, senior manager at Kalypso and NC State alumna said of the scholarship recipients, “We were proud to have so many applicants for the inaugural offering of the Wolfpack Innovators Scholarship. Ngan showed us that he’s not afraid to break the mold and see things differently. We’re excited to offer this award to a promising student like him.”

Ngan was one of four recipients that received a $2,000 award for their authentic and innovative approach to problem solving, work ethic and demonstrated understanding of Kalypso’s service and culture.


You can see all of the scholarships offered by the Stelos Alliance by following this link. Currently, we’re accepting applications for another scholarship at North Carolina State University – the Kalypso MGIM Innovators Scholarship. Click here to apply, all applications are due by December 7th at 5:00pm!


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