Courtney Musciano – Stelos Superstar

14 Nov


Courtney Musciano, Textile Engineering senior from Cary, North Carolina received one of the inaugural Kalypso Wolfpack Innovators Scholarships at North Carolina State University awarded through Kalypso and the Stelos Alliance.

The Wolfpack Scholarship is awarded to undergraduates in the engineering program at North Carolina State University for their demonstrated excellence in innovation and academics.

Upon receiving this scholarship, Courtney remarked, “I am so honored to be one of the first recipients of the Wolfpack Innovators Scholarship! Apart from the priceless experience of being able to build a relationship with the people at Kalypso, receiving this scholarship will also help me pay for my final year of education at NC State as a Textile Engineer.”

Courtney is one of four recipients received a $2,000 award for their authentic and innovative approach to problem solving, work ethic and demonstrated understanding of Kalypso, its service offerings and its culture.

“We value our relationships with the students and faculty at North Carolina State University,” said Bill Poston, managing partner of Kalypso and founder of the Stelos Alliance, “and we look forward to staying in touch with these extraordinary young people as they navigate the rest of their college careers and begin looking at post-graduate opportunities.”


You can see all of the scholarships offered by the Stelos Alliance by following this link. Currently, we’re accepting applications for another scholarship at North Carolina State University – the Kalypso MGIM Innovators Scholarship. Click here to apply, all applications are due by December 7th at 5:00pm!


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