Nathan McDaniel – Stelos Superstar

9 Aug

Nathan McDaniel at the Stelos Alliance Awards banquet in April

In April, Nathan McDaniel, Political Science junior, received a 2012 Student Foundation Scholarship – making him the final Stelos Superstar from Texas State University this year!

Not only did Nathan shine bright out of the competitive Student Foundation applicant pool, he has left his mark on several other student organizations. Primarily, Nathan is the 2012-2013 Student Body President of Texas State and we’re proud to say he is an alumni of the Stelos Alliance’s Housley Principled Leadership Program – a seven week leadership course offered free of charge to extraordinary students at Texas State University.

“Winning the Student Foundation Scholarship was so amazing; knowing that my growth as a leader is recognized by this amazing organization was really encouraging,” McDaniel said upon receiving his scholarship award.

Upon delivering the award, Bill Poston, the President of the Stelos Alliance, said, “Nathan is an original member of the Housley tribe – we’re proud of what he has accomplished thus far and even more excited to see the legacy he leaves at Texas State as Student Body President.”


You can see all of the scholarships offered by the Stelos Alliance by following this link. Currently, we’re running our “$10 for Tomorrow” campaign to raise scholarship dollars for spring 2013. You can support dynamic students like the one above by following this link and chipping in ten bucks – every dollar counts!


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