Jordan Gass-Poore’ – Stelos Superstar

6 Jul

Stelos Alliance Award recipient, Bruce Howard (L) and Jordan Gass-Poore’ (R)

Jordan Gass-Poore’ was named a 2012 recipient of the Housley Principled Leadership Scholarship. This scholarship was awarded to three outstanding participants of the Housley Principled Leadership Program who exemplified Kevin Housley’s principle centered leadership qualities, infectious enthusiasm, and maintained a sincere engagement in the course.

“The Housley scholarship I received will allow me the financial freedom to apply for fall 2012 journalism-related internships that may be unpaid. This gives me the valuable experience I need to continue working hands-on in my major field,” Gass-Poore’ said.

Jordan is an English and Mass Communication major, the incoming director of public relations for Student Foundation at Texas State and she writes for the University Star – the third best campus newspaper in the country according to the Society of Professional Journalists.

Upon delivering the award, Bill Poston, the President of the Stelos Alliance, said, “Jordan is a fantastic role model and the perfect person to represent Kevin Housley’s legacy as a leader.  I think Kevin would have liked her very much. She is a shining star.”


You can see all of the scholarships offered by the Stelos Alliance by following this link. Currently, we’re running our “$10 for Tomorrow” campaign to raise scholarship dollars for spring 2013. You can support dynamic students like the one above by following this link and chipping in ten bucks – every dollar counts!


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