HPLP Session Two Preview

2 Feb

Tomorrow in the Housley Principled Leadership Program, we’re focusing on action – straight up hard work, no excuses action.

In the end, it is an ownership over actions and decisions that matters most. Thoughts, feelings and intentions don’t create change or start something new. In Session Two, students will review Covey’s Seven Habits and craft a personal mission statement. Through discussion and reflection on being proactive, responsible, empathetic and positive-thinking, students will be guided to the understanding that their effectiveness as a leader really is up to them.

In Session One, we talked about the importance of being both a leader that matters and a leader that has influence. We expand on that in Session Two by discussing the habits, skills and traits necessary for individuals interested in turning a desire for leadership into tangible influence.

Take a peek at one of our guiding readings for tomorrow by Seth Godin about the importance of what he calls shipping – making no excuses and getting your work finished and out the door.

Make sure to mosey on over to our Facebook page to see pictures from Session One (tag folks you know!). You can also watch the HPLP Dispatch video interviews from Session One here.

Stay tuned for Session Two’s HPLP Dispatch, photos and summary written by Bill Poston!


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