Continuing Dr. Garrison’s Legacy

15 Nov

Dr. Garrison (L) and Bill Poston (R) at Garrison’s 30th anniversary celebration

Guest post by: Bill Poston

In 1978 Dr. John Garrison created a new organization at Texas State. He assembled a group of twenty-five or so of the best and brightest on campus and started Student Foundation. The group was comprised of officers and leaders from other student organizations. These were the kind of well-groomed young people that any university president would be proud to have representing their institution (maybe not so well-groomed by today’s standards, but this was the 70s). The original purpose of the group was to serve the President as ambassadors for Texas State. Over the years, the organization has grown and established traditions that honor Texas State veterans, Bobcats who have passed away, and exceptional professors on campus. Dr. Garrison’s vision for Student Foundation has been realized and the success of its almost 1,000 former members is a testament to its strength.

I have been very fortunate to experience success in my personal and professional life. More of that success can be attributed to what I learned about leadership as a member of Student Foundation than to what I learned in the classroom. I can’t claim that Dr. Garrison was a big part of my day-to-day life when I was on campus, yet as his role evolved, he never lost interest in the members of Foundation. He was always playing closer attention than we thought and his efforts were always geared toward helping students succeed. To this day, it seems every conversation I have with him includes at least one story about a former student leader who has made good.

That is why the Stelos Alliance is committed to helping extraordinary young leaders reach their potential. Each year we are proud to honor the good doctor’s life work by awarding the John Garrison Leadership Award to a student who has accepted the responsibilities of leadership. With your help we can make this more than a cherished recognition; we can make a significant financial impact by backing the award with a substantial scholarship.

Please join us in continuing this legacy at Texas State through the empowerment of students who decades ago would have found themselves sitting in Dr. Garrison’s office working to make the university a better place.

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Watch an interview with the 2011 John Garrison Leadership Award recipient – Chris Ramirez


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