You Don’t Need The Credit

2 Nov

A lot of good could be accomplished in this world if nobody cared who got the credit.

Often it’s selfish ego and an insecure need for recognition that drive projects, people and purpose off the right track.

As a student, the most important thing you can do is acquire experience. A university setting is your opportunity to gain real world experience without real world consequences. When you graduate with a piece of paper, you aren’t unique – there are thousands of others who have the same letters in pretty cursive.

Titles aren’t important either.

What’s important is capitalizing on the opportunity to do hard work and take risks. Leaders who matter are those who influence others, not those who hoard recognition.

Credit for work doesn’t provide you with opportunity, the experience gained from having done the work stands on its own.

If you do the work and forget about the accolades, you (and your peers) will be better off for it.


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