Make Your Own Luck

26 Oct

A couple of days ago, we received an email from a student who was interested in working for a non-profit after graduation, but knew that in the past, this non profit didn’t have positions open for new staff.

In the past.

This student is going to graduate in December 2012.

That’s one year.

One year to show up on their doorstep ready to work for free. One year to make a relationship with every member of the current staff. One year to take on responsibility, become a linchpin and make it so difficult for them to say goodbye in a year’s time they’ll have to create a job.

What the company did in the past doesn’t matter – they don’t have a reason to change until you give them a reason.

Rob Dyrdek says, Make your own luck.

Steve Martin says, Be So good they can’t ignore you.

We say average actions don’t equal extraordinary opportunity.

Go be extraordinary and and create opportunity for yourself.


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