Follow Up

17 Oct

Image from the Seconds blog

A depressingly small amount of college students capitalize on opportunities.

Especially student leaders.

As a student leader, you are most likely provided the opportunity to be at events with successful alumni, university guests, faculty and community members.

When you go to these events, you should be prepared to tell them what you’re hoping to do and how they can help you. Even if it’s not what you want to do for the rest of your life, better to have something that interests you to discuss than nothing at all.

The chance to dig deeper into a relationship with someone more experienced than you is priceless. When you receive a business card or contact information from someone, you should send a brief follow up email to set up the next time you will have contact and, within 48 hours, they should receive a hand written thank you note in the mail.

When this works (and it will), you have a responsibility to be incredibly responsive when you are contacted in the future. People remember students who answer their phone, promptly respond to messages and do what they say they will do.

You have one chance to follow up with someone who has offered to help you. Be known as “that student” who gets it – who follows up and is good on their word.

You can’t imagine the wealth of knowledge, valuable conversations and incredible opportunities that await you.


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