“I was just too busy…”

12 Oct

Understandable – you got busy.

That’s O.K. In fact it’s great. It’s wonderful you’ve found something to keep you engaged and occupied.

One word of advice, though: pushing through life claiming that you, “Just don’t have enough time” or that you, “Got too busy” won’t get you very far.

It’s those who claim they don’t have enough time who also complain they weren’t given all of the information, weren’t shown the right way to accomplish the task, weren’t given the same opportunity as everyone else.

We all have the same amount of time.

And it’s enough.

The people we remember – the ones who innovate, change and inspire – are those who make time for things that are important, they don’t lament over lack of hours in the day.

If something is important, make time for it.

So, find what’s important to you, commit to it and create the time to do it.

Extraordinary people don’t wait around for pockets of free time, they make the time to be different.


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